Norgate Cottage Renovation

After living in North Vancouver's Norgate community for several years we decided we needed more room than the 1000 square foot 50's bungalow would allow. We loved the house, the neighborhood and everything about this area but we needed more room. After some consideration we decided that we would get the most value and satisfaction by adding onto the house and maximizing it to the size alotted by the district.

Our plan was to extend the main floor back and add a second floor for a deluxe master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, plus a balcony. We met with Joe at Rommel Design, who came up with the design, technical drawings and helped us secure our permits. Eric Sandberg at Desakota was recommended highly by both Joe Rommel and our neighbor who had renovated a few years earlier.

Eric was one of four contractors we met during our search for a builder. This was a major decision and after careful consideration we chose to go ahead with Desakota because of the recommendations and because it was clear that Eric understood exactly what we wanted to do and offered suggestions about how we could achieve our goals.     

We couldn't be happier with the finished product. Adding on to an existing home, especially a 70+ year old home has its challenges and we were here through the whole project. Eric's crew were fantastic and did an amazing job. They are extemely well connected with all of the trades involved in home building and everything worked like clockwork. Being on schedule and on budget were two things we were not expecting but we were!

Andrew and Fiona